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Ford Powertrain Applications






        Custom Headers For Your Ford




A- F.E. Series include 352-360-390-406-410-427-428
B- F.E. Available in 16 bolt C.J./ 14 bolt GT/ 8 bolt Std. flanges
C- Manual & power steer applications
D- Available in 429 C.J. flange
E- Will clear Lakewood Bell housings
F- Automatic Trans only
G- Engine swap header may require slight modifications
H- Some 4 speed clutch linkage modifications possible
J- Available in ultra H.D. 3/8 flange 14 gauge tubing
K- Will fit Total Control Rack & Pinion Steering
L- 1 3/4" Primary on Dart Head- 1 5/8"/ 1 3/4" Step option

*- Call for application

  All F.P.A. headers utilize 2 1/2" or 3" ball and socket collectors

Most Std. production F.P.A. headers feature 3/8" one piece flanges and 16 gauge tubing. All headers are of the "inside the frame design" and are completely welded with no slip joints. All F.P.A. design headers feature maximum ground clearance and are shipped with gaskets, bolts and street reducers. Performance coatings ceramic finish is available at
additional cost.   

Available in Std. BARE or optional ceramic coating, Polished cerma chrome or Restoration dark grey ice. Both result in  300 degrees cooler under hood temps.Allow 10 to 14 days to process and ship order. All prices are subject to

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