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***F.P.A. Celebrates 39 years in business***


Serving FORD enthusiasts with a specialized line of custom V-8 headers for Ford's, Lincolns, and Mercury's of the 1950's , 60's, and 70's. We are certain that we have the experience and hand's on knowledge for O.E. and popular Ford engine conversions. We only build Ford headers so please don't confuse us with (generic) header shops.
In today's market, customers need to rely on a header shop that understands both the O.E. variables and the aftermarket changes in the area of cylinder head's / transmission / clutch operation and steering upgrade's to include Borgeson steering boxes and Rack & Pinion conversions. F.P.A. IS THAT SHOP! So, before you order a set of Ford header's ask all the tough questions, if the person on the other end isn't asking all these questions...you have the wrong shop. Don't be confused by the shops claiming to build Ford Headers with experience to rival F.P.A


FPA will no longer be a Ford Performance Parts Warehouse Distributor begining August 25th 2023. FPA will no longer have any connection with the Ford Motor Company. We have enjoyed the prior relationship with Ford for over 35 years but company business models have changed.

Boss 429 HEADERS

Update: Boss 429 Tri-Y F.P.A Headers. Customers all report good to excellent fit. Max ground clearance.

Customer with 555 CID Kaase
crate engine reported
819 HP and 696 Ft. Lbs. with this new header!

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F.P.A. is always willing and able to create a new Ford header product for a new application that either is not being currently (best served) in the market place or a totally new application that has come into popularity because of a new steering, cylinder heads or motor mounts. We are capable of offering unique flanges to a current designs such as Twisted wedge R/ Dart/ Roush /Yates/ and Blue Thunder applications. We would like to help each and every Ford enthusiast but it's not always feasible. As much as I am the consummate FORD guy, I must always look at the business side of things and therefore, some combinations cant' be offered.


It is well known by most but not all that the Mercury line of Ford vehicles share the same header interchange. For example, the Cougars all share the same header fitment as the same year Mustangs. Same goes with Fairlanes and Comets, Galaxies and Mauraders. If you have a Mercury and are not sure, call us. --


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