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Boss 429 HEADERS


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Press release 3-25-10. F.P.A Has finished the first set of the NEW Boss 429 headers. This set was built on a stock 1969 Boss 429 Mustang. We built a new upgraded and more functional power steering slave mount that is stronger and more functional than the over the counter std. bracket. The "ONLY" practical and yet functional max ground clearance header that we could design was this large tube Tri-Y. H.D 3/8" flanges, HD 16 Ga tubes, HD 16 Ga. 1 7/8" primaries into 2 1/4" secondary and 3" ball and socket gasketless collectors. We used the set of no longer available M/T super scavenger headers , taken off this vehicle to improve on. Installation time, fit and finish and ground clearance was improved dramatically. More photo's will be available in the the next 7 days after we install this set on the proto-type vehicle. The Tri-Y design is timed to the firing order and has shown power to 6800 and has delivered superior torque numbers of larger 4 tube designs. Pricing will be finalized on the next next set with the new fixtures. Orders will be taken in two weeks. Our goal is to have a Boss 9 header for conversion Fords as well as the OE 69/70 Boss Mustang.



The cure for poor fitting ancient design Boss-9 headers. Exact design not completely finalized but STD. F.P.A Max ground clearance, 3/8" flanges, 16 Ga. tubing and ball and socket collectors are in the plan. Due to consumer demand for factory 69-70 Boss cars, the release of the new Kaase Boss 9 crate engines and new reproduction 67-70 Mustang bodies, It is now time for a new header! Along with fitting factory applications, we would like to accommodate rear steer Rack and Pinions as well as Mustang 2 front steer conversions from Rod and Custom Motorsports and others for Fairlanes, Torino's etc. Any and all input is welcomed regarding this product design.

Reply with e-mail to ( fordpowert@comcast.net ) or call : F.P.A. Ford Headers, 253-848-9503 Mon-Fri Pacific time. Ask for Stan